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Volunteer Projects

Teen volunteers are vital and always welcomed.

How Teens Can Make
An Impact.

Teenagers often require volunteer hours for school clubs or extracurricular activities and volunteering at RMHC Michiana is an excellent way to fulfill those requirements. From making fleece blankets and packing frozen meals to assembling toiletry kits, or simply spreading the word about RMHC Michiana online or at school, we’ve got all sorts of volunteer opportunities for teens. If you are interested, we would be happy to customize a plan that works for you.

While we’d typically love to welcome teens to the House for in-person volunteering, our opportunities are off-site only until further notice. However, you don’t have to be in person to make an impact. Each of the projects outlined below will directly aid an RMHC Michiana family, and we have outlined the hours students will earn for each project.

Contact Kellie Montgomery by phone (574-647-7711) or email ( to coordinate your project. Items can be dropped off Monday-Friday between 9 am – 6 pm.

5-Hour Projects

Host a Needs Drive

Host a needs list drive, containing at least 20 items from RMHC Michiana’s Wish List. Set up a box on your front porch and ask your neighbors, friends, and family to donate to your drive!

Write 300-400 words on how you got the community involved, what the experience taught you and what you think the impact of your donation will be. Then, deliver your donations to RMHC Michiana.

Decorate Snack Bags

Snacks are a great way to support our families, as they spend long hours in the hospital with their children. Decorate 30 lunch bags with inspirational words or drawings (please avoid religious messages). Then, gather individually packaged snacks (granola bars, trail mix, assorted snacks, etc) and provide those to us along with your decorated bags so that we can make sure each family gets the items they want.

Write 300-400 words on why you chose this experience. Why do you think snacks are important to the families that stay with us? What did you learn? Did you have any challenges? Then, deliver your donations to RMHC Michiana.

Make Freezer Meals

Find a recipe to make and shop for all the ingredients. Then, make the recipe and package it in a disposable container for us to freeze. Once you’re done, bring the meal to RMHC Michiana. Please include the recipe and warming instructions with your dish.

Write 300-400 words on why you chose this project. Why might freezer meals be important here at RMHC? What did you learn during this experience?

2-Hour Projects

Collect Pop Tabs

Did you know pop tabs are made of aluminum and we can receive money for recycling them? Share the news with your family and friends and collect the tabs off of canned beverages (tabs only, no cans). Once you’ve collected a gallon container’s worth of tabs, deliver them to RMHC Michiana.

Make Door Decorations

Make 20 door decorations for our familys’ bedroom doors. These can have messages like “welcome,” “have a great day,” or be themed for the season or holidays. Please avoid religious or get well soon messages. Once you’re done, deliver your door decorations to RMHC and learn how we’ll use them!

Bake Sweet Treats

Our families LOVE homemade goodies! Put on your apron and bake at least 2 dozen cookies, brownies, muffins or cupcakes for our families. Let them cool and decorate them however you’d like! Then, deliver your baked goods to RMHC Michiana.

Craft No-Sew Blankets

Collect fleece fabric and create two no-sew blankets to help keep our families warm and comfortable. Look up instructions for “no sew blankets” online. Then, deliver the blankets to RMHC Michiana.

30-Minute Projects

Social Media Ambassador

Create a Facebook, Instagram or TikTok post that shows how and why you support RMHC Michiana. Tell your followers why you volunteer with us and how they can get involved, share the results of one of the projects above, or simply share our mission and Wish List items from our Amazon account.

Tag us @RMHCMichiana and use #RMHCMichianaTeenBoard. Encourage your followers to follow us on Facebook or Instagram, too! Direct your followers to our website ( and help raise awareness for our cause.