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Board of Directors

Special Thanks To
Our Amazing Board

RMHC Michiana is proud of the community members who are chosen to further our mission by serving on our Board of Directors. Each brings unique experiences and skills that assist the chapter, not only during the time that they serve but as they make plans for the future and longevity of RMHC Michiana. The Board initiates new programs designed to reach more children and their families in our community.

If you are interested in receiving more information or potentially joining the RMHC Michiana Board, please reach out to President and CEO Kierstin Eifler at

Amy Hill

Amanda Gadacz
Vice President

Jordan Hesters 

Della Fink 

Kathleen Sparks 
Board Member Emerita

David Sparks 
Board Member Emeritus 

Dr. Robert White 
Board Member Emeritus

Jacob Alexander

Estephan Awad

Josh Black

Gregg Fore

Andrea Halpin

Frank Julian

Amy Kintz

Pam Mason

Troy Nusbaum

Karen Okayama

Lisa Reiser

Santiago Rodriguez

Scott Smith

Evelyn West

Sheila Witous