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For many, the ability to make charitable donations varies from year to year – and the ability to make a large gift often feels elusive. When asked, the majority of people who have not arranged charitable gifts in their will, say they simply hadn’t considered the option. Many people don’t realize how simple a planned gift can be. A quick phone call to your attorney of financial planner is the easiest way to include a charitable gift in your will.


Generosity Shining Through

2017 was an exciting year with the opening of our new  Ronald McDonald House and the successful fulfillment  of Phase 1 of our Capital Campaign which covered the  cost of construction. As we continue to grow both in size  and in the scope of our mission, we have embarked on  Phase 2 of the Love Shining Through Capital Campaign  to establish a $5 Million endowment which will help to sustain RMHC® of Michianas operations in perpetuity.

Join us by making a donation in support of our endowment and join other leaders in the  community who  are proudly displayed on our donor wall.

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